MoonPay's New NFT Concierge Service Helps Celebs Buy Bored Apes

2021-11-25 23:1957736

Source: Decrypt

MoonPay, a crypto firm that allows users to buy and sell crypto, has set up a concierge service—called MoonPay Concierge—targeting high net worth individuals looking to purchase NFTs without the hassle of setting up a crypto wallet themselves.

The service makes it easier for customers to purchase an NFT. “Buying an NFT should be seamless. But right now, it’s not. MoonPay Concierge solves that problem,” MoonPay said on its website. “Are you a high net worth individual looking to enter the world of high-value NFTs? Reach out to us,” the firm added. 

A source familiar with the matter told Decrypt MoonPay Concierge is not built as a profit-driving venture but as a way of welcoming celebrity influencers into the world of crypto. They added that the service has been in beta.

So far, the firm has already played a substantial role in the growing list of celebrities owning NFTs.

MoonPay and celebrities

In recent weeks, talk show host Jimmy Fallon and rapper Post Malone have purchased NFTs via MoonPay. 

“Permission to come a bored?” Fallon tweeted as he announced the purchase of a Bored Ape NFT. Fallon previously said he used MoonPay to make the purchase. 

Post Malone—who was shown purchasing a Bored Ape with MoonPay in the “One Right Now” music video—joins other artists such as The Weeknd and Lil Baby. 

“There’s a method to our madness. Posty and The Weeknd (and, for that matter, Lil Baby) have one crucial quality in common: they’re iconic ambassadors for the creator economy,” MoonPay said

Crypto’s NFT year

NFTs have blown up this year, with an ever-growing list of celebrities and name brands purchasing NFTs, not just Post Malone and Jimmy Fallon. 

During the first half of the year, total NFT sales exceeded $2 billion, and after a brief lull in the market, brands like Visa and Budweiser—and NFL athletes like Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski—have rejuvenated the market.

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