Instructions and Guidelines for Authors of FTFTX Plaza Column

FTFTX Plaza is the most active trading community for traders and investors. Users can find different trading views in the community and share their own trading strategies. Here you can discuss, share and learn freely with tens of thousands of market participants.

In order to provide a better communication environment for everyone, and have equal rights to protect original works, we hereby make the following series of rules, and hope you know and jointly maintain the hard-won creation platform.

(1) Types of articles submitted: Market Analysis on digital currency.

(2) By submitting your works, you agree to authorize FTFTX website (including its We Media) and its related party in operation to use the submitted works free of charge. FTFTX has the right to edit, publish and transmit your works. If you do not agree to delete or modify your works, please specify your requirements in advance. The third-party platform shall not reproduce any works without the consent of the original author or our website. The third-party platform shall reproduce any works upon approval of the community. The community will require the authorized third party to retain the information of the website and the author when the above third party reproduces any works.

(3) The article submitted is only the author's personal opinion, which does not mean that the website agrees with its opinion and is responsible for its authenticity. The content of the submitted works must conform to the national laws and regulations, and it is strictly prohibited to publish the content that violates the Chinese laws and regulations. FTFTX has the right to delete or modify any content against laws and regulations, or any sensitive content in the article.

(4) Respect for Copyright. FTFTX, a professional data provider in the global digital currency market, adheres to the principle of good faith of the blockchain community, and respects the original authors and users, and the articles submitted by a big name must be original (it is acceptable to submit works for friends). Please obtain relevant authorization and indicate the source of the article when you need to cite any materials and documents. Plagiarism and any infringement act are strictly prohibited. After the above behaviors are verified, the website has the right to delete the relevant content, and the user shall bear the relevant legal liability and compensation liability independently.

(5) Illustrations of the text. Ensure that they are clear, waterless and consistent with the content of the text, not an advertisement.

(6) Audit time. FTFTX promises to complete the online audit in real time, and will give a notice and reply whether the submitted works pass or not.

(7) After the approval, the submitted works will be released on the FTFTX information platform. Please keep the original. If you need to modify or delete, please contact the editor (WeChat account: SOSOLX178) on WeChat;

If a submitted work does not meet the above requirements, the editor will refuse to publish the work (if it is an advertorial/press release/PR release, please send an email to the business cooperation email: aliyun: Thanks for your understanding!

The Method of Submission

Register FTFTX personal account, and click to write the article and submit it directly after being approved as a big name. (There will be exclusive editing review within 24 hours.)

If you have any question, please feel free to contact the editor on WeChat: (WeChat account: SOSOLX178).

Personal Information

FTFTX reserves the right to reset the inappropriate avatar, and the illegal account will lose the right to set the avatar.

Inappropriate avatar.
Faking or laughing at others.
Containing pornography or nudity.
Containing vulgar contents.


FTFTX provides everyone with a professional, healthy and regular creation environment. Hope that the authors can cherish and jointly maintain the order of FTFTX platform, support the original market analysis articles, and share with everyone.

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