Bitcoin market on July 2nd: continue to fluctuate


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In the past 24 hours, the trading volume of the entire market was 85 billion US dollars, slightly less than the previous day. It is 8:17 am on July 2nd, Beijing time, and the BTC real-time price is 33847USDT. The following is a specific analysis.

1) BTC continued to fall yesterday, dropping to 32,700 points as low as possible, and it has risen to above 33500 points, but there has been no substantial change in the trend, and the overall market is still volatile. In terms of the large structure, the top focus is on 35,500 points, once it breaks here, it may go up to 42,000 points, and the bottom focus on 32,500 points. Once it breaks here, it may test the previous low by 28,000 points. The short-term trend is bearish, and a stable 34,500 points in the day can be regarded as an idle long. To sum up, continue to oscillate.

2) Many students are suffering in the process of trading. The main reason for this pain is that the market is always different from what you expected. How to solve this problem? That is, do not conduct subjective trading, that is, do not predict the market, because behind your prediction of the market, you want to control the market, but the real situation is that no one can control the market. So how to trade without predicting the market? Look at the signal and only trade when your own signal appears. For example, trading based on the moving average, only long when the price is above the moving average, and short only when the price is below the moving average; trading based on divergence, only intervenes when the divergence occurs; based on naked K trading, only specific candlesticks appear Only trade when it is in the form. In short, when you are no longer obsessed with predicting the market, you will enter another level of trading, and your sense of helpless pain will disappear.

3) Please be careful not to make transactions based on forecasts. Transactions need to consider specific signals, profit-loss ratio and position management. Using forecasts to guide transactions cannot achieve long-term stable profits.

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