Where to go after the cake market


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From the one-hour level trend, the pie has already stepped out of the downward channel, macd is still in a dead cross state, kdj three-line cross and downward divergence, the downward channel will be suppressed, the negative decline mode has been opened, and many people have seen the negative decline trend. There will be psychological pressure. Looking at the four-hour level, the market has penetrated the support of the 38300 accessory. It is recommended to step back and do more.

Operational recommendations: do more near 38100-38600, target near 39600, defend 37500

There is bound to be a delay in the publication of articles, market conditions are changing, and you need to be cautious when entering the market. Specific points are based on firm guidance. Strategies are for reference only. Trading is risky, and you are at your own risk!

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