【August 9th, 2021】 Analysis of the pie market


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M closed the propeller on the monthly line, and oscillated the disk in July, which constituted a piercing signal with the previous month.

W closed the Yang line last week, broke the upper edge of the daily line rectangle, is rubbing the 20 line, and the short kinetic energy is exhausting. Next week, we will see if we can turn the long kinetic energy.

D received the dark cloud cover signal, turned head after overbought, nearly three Yang lines have shrunk, volume and price divergence, relying on the trend line and the 20 line, within the week to see if the trend line can be marked again, the callback can be done more (up trend Just do homeopathic and do not make callbacks).

4h continuous volume and price divergence, it has peaked and pulled back to near the 20 line. It will be seen whether it can break through the 20 line in the day. It has been converted into short momentum and it should continue to break below the 20 line.
At 1h, the opening angle of the golden fork became smaller, and the 2060 line oscillated, and the short momentum became stronger again, and it was bearish in two days.

There is a high probability of being bearish within 15m days. If there is a structure and then enter the market, it may take a downward flag.

Summary: Intraday main short trading.

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