The market is rising as expected, have you gotten into the car?


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The video release on September 15:
Market analysis
1. BTC
The market is rising as expected, have you gotten into the car? Consistent with the prediction, BTC stopped falling and rebounded near the 60-day moving average at the half-quantile of the long lower shadow line. Looking back on the market in the past 2 months, several key turning points have been announced in advance. The article recommends buying for 3 consecutive days. Here is a good mid-line buying opportunity. The mid-line of each currency is expected to reach the falling point from September 6 (the growth space is 30-50%). The short-term daily level has already seen a low-end turning point yesterday, and I want to go again. The downside will become very difficult. After some consolidation, it may be sideways for 2 trading days, or it may step back on the 5-day moving average/yang line semi-quantile and continue to rise. In operation, a small partner who has kept up with the idea should already have a mid-line position. If there is no position in the floating profit, it is recommended to withdraw in the horizontal direction and buy when the space is back. The negative line is an opportunity to increase the position, and the follow-up is the general market. In addition to the previous recommendations, there are VET, ICP, QTUM, MANA, etc. BTC's short-term support is at 45700~46200, and the short-term pressure is at 48100~48800.
This material is for learning and reference only, and does not constitute trading advice. Buy and sell according to this at your own risk. <br>Follow trends and follow the market analysis of Beiming in the currency circle

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