RSR/MATIC has risen, can I still get it?



The video release on September 16:
Market analysis
1. BTC
RSR/MATIC 都涨了,还能拿吗?
BTC is moving towards the expected script. This wave of buying in keeping up with the idea can be regarded as copying to the lowest point of this wave of adjustments. There are obedient layouts such as RSR, MATIC and other spot, which has been very rewarding! Observed from the daily level, BTC received a low-grade turning point. The mid-line still has the ability to create new highs. The short-term 1-2 trading days need to be consolidated. It may be a horizontal correction or a spatial adjustment. The time and space will not be long. The consolidation is complete. Then continue to go upwards. In terms of operation, there is not much change. According to the original plan, it is recommended to hold the currency until it rises. The short-term rapid rise within 2 trading days is the selling point. No matter what method is adopted, the physical Yinxian is an opportunity to buy and increase positions. BTC's short-term support is at 46500~47300, and the short-term pressure is at 48900~49600.
This material is for learning and reference only, and does not constitute trading advice. Buy and sell according to this at your own risk. <br>Follow trends and follow the market analysis of Beiming in the currency circle
RSR/MATIC 都涨了,还能拿吗?

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