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The video release on September 23:
Market analysis
1. BTC
The market has experienced an oversold rebound after a continuous decline. From the daily level, it is a very standard rise and callback golden section semi-quantile. Coin speculation is a game of finding a pattern. The trend of digital currency is at a rapidly rising selling point and a falling buying point. The live effect is immediate, that is to say, the indicators such as mode C, mode D, K-line, moving average, and form are all to help find a more suitable law for making money! What is the law now? The price of BTC is below the 20-day moving average (purple line) in the downward direction, and the price breaks through the downward 5-day moving average (green line). This is not easy to continue to rise, and it is likely to step back on the middle quintile of the Yang line. It is a buying opportunity. BTC and mainstream currencies will not have independent trends. Small currencies may. Use my self-made quantitative program to monitor. The market has always had incremental funds, like the second half of 18 and the second half of 19 The ineffective narrow-range fluctuations of the shock amplitude are far away from us. It is more about coin selection and operation. Like yesterday’s rebound, the players who meet the conditions of buying the spot on the left will get 30% profit if they are lucky enough to copy to one day, and there are also 15% bad luck. % Profit, I said one day late, maybe after a good night's sleep, you may miss this type of buying point, and I will make up the currency today. Defensive type: XTZ, CRV, SRM, offensive type: HBAR, FTM, ONE, BTC stepped back on support, the daily physical Yinxian within 3 days is a buying opportunity. BTC's short-term support level is 42750~42000, and BTC's short-term pressure level is 44460~45100.
This material is for learning and reference only, and does not constitute trading advice. Buy and sell according to this at your own risk. <br>Follow trends and follow the market analysis of Beiming in the currency circle

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