BTC market observation on October 10


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Posting time: 7:32, price at the time of posting: 54971 points.

1) Today's market observation:

The market remains unchanged and continues to oscillate in the range of 53000-56000, and there are signs of completion of the callback in the 4-hour period. The bottom supports 53000 points and 51000 points, the upper pressure is near 56000 points, and the breakthrough of 56000 points is to see 58000 points. In terms of trends, long-term and medium-term bullish trends, short-term shocks. In short, it is too much if it doesn't fall below 53,000 points.

[In order to avoid unnecessary controversy, please agree with the following explanations first when reading my article: This explanation is derived from my "T-1000" trading system, which may be different from the cycle in his population] Short-term trend refers to A 15-minute trend may last for several hours or days, but it is usually not more than a week. The mid-term trend refers to the 4-hour trend, which usually lasts for several weeks or months. The long-term trend refers to the daily trend, which usually lasts for several months or years.

2) Today’s trading thinking:

You may have had this experience: a rumored bad news is spreading, and you are not sure whether the news is true or false. You are very distressed for this because it has affected your follow-up operations. What should I do in this situation? My usual method is to just look at the disk. The advantage of this is to ensure that we strictly implement the strategy, and it is difficult to be affected by the news. Everything is subject to price. I think this is a pure transaction. Of course, you have to understand that trading is not a mathematical study. It does not have a fixed formula. As long as it is suitable for you, it is a good operation. In other words, there is no good or bad operation, only appropriate or inappropriate, just as there is no high or low asset price. In addition, the other meaning of just looking at the board is not to predict the market, but to follow the trend, that is, to be a wall of grass. Only in this way, we are more likely to defeat human nature and defeat ourselves.

3) Please be careful not to make transactions based on forecasts. Transactions need to consider specific signals, profit-loss ratio and position management. Using forecasts to guide transactions cannot achieve long-term stable profits.


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