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1) Today's market observation:
The market has pulled back and has returned to the last support area. It is expected to find support in the 61000-63000 range. In terms of trends, the long-term and medium-term continue to maintain a long-term trend, and the short-term short-term trend. To sum up, a small pullback does not affect a large uptrend.
[In order to avoid unnecessary controversy, please first agree with the following explanation of terms when reading my article: This explanation is derived from my "T-1000" trading system and may be different from the cycle in his population] Short-term trend refers to A 15-minute trend may last for several hours or days, but it is usually not more than a week. The mid-term trend refers to the 4-hour trend, which usually lasts for several weeks or months. The long-term trend refers to the daily trend, which usually lasts for several months or years.
2) Today’s trading thinking:
I don’t know how many classmates like to look at other people’s opinions and look up public information when trading. Will be more susceptible to his influence. Later, I slowly discovered that the information outside the trading system would have a direct and negative impact on my transactions. I used to call this information trading noise. What I want to say today is that this public information is hardly valuable, because there are two logical errors behind it. One is that if the information is useful, the more people who know the information, the more invalid the information will be. Second, if this is really useful information, why should people who don’t know each other tell you? Maybe you would say, not necessarily, the information I contacted is useful. Yes, the information you are exposed to may be useful to you, but according to statistics, the side effects of this information on us are greater than the positive effects. Now, when I do transactions, I basically don’t think about the public information anymore. I only look at the disk. I believe that any impact will show up on the disk. Simply put, no matter how good the external situation is, as long as the position is broken on the disk, the operation of breaking the position will be executed. No matter how bad the external conditions are, as long as the exit price is not reached, continue to hold. I think this is pure trading.
3) Please be careful not to make transactions based on forecasts. Transactions need to consider specific signals, profit-loss ratio and position management. Using forecasts to guide transactions cannot achieve long-term stable profits.


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