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The theory is that there is an opportunity to rise in the medium term

① The long-term moving average is dense and it breaks through the stable dense area;
②Long-term consolidation in a relatively narrow range, and the digestion of the jailed disk is relatively sufficient;
③Break through the resistance level in the mid-term heavy pressure zone;
④ Musk's call for the return of single popularity is indispensable;
⑤ Eth's strong upward trend is expected to drive the local and structural copycat market.

risk warning:
① After falling back to 0.25, it will re-enter the consolidation range, and the follow-up market needs to be followed-up observation;
②If you can't stand firmly at 0.3, the market outlook may face a long time of consolidation; 0.3 is a strong pressure and also a long-short boundary.

The cycle of altcoins' full-scale rise has not yet arrived. A good time for counterfeit intervention is to kill 20 points after the market breaks 8w. At this time, the intervention of counterfeit is cost-effective and the market risk is fully released; under the premise that altcoins are generally weak The forecast of the counterfeit may be biased. Dogecoin is better to make a false breakthrough upward and follow the overall counterfeit upward cycle. That is to say, from the overall perspective, there is an opportunity for Dogecoin on the k-line, but there is a lack of opportunity in terms of plate rotation, and I forgot to know it.

This article is not only more or less empty, it is only for analysis and reference

October 25, 2021


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