Bitcoin 4 hours-15 minutes level analysis stands steady on the trend line but the pattern is bearish


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比特币4小时-15分钟级别分析 站稳趋势线但是形态偏空

Bitcoin seems to be standing on the trend line for 4 hours, but carefully observe the two periods of rising of the blue line and the two periods of falling of the yellow line. Each is accompanied by the deviation of macd, indicating that the strength of long and short is not strong. Therefore, it is unlikely that the blue line will start a period of rise directly from the trend line. It is more likely that it will be blocked on the upper edge of the range, forming a similar head and shoulders, and then continue to oscillate or fall.

Of course, if you enter the market at a small level, because the point is relatively safe, you should still do it when you want to go long and short;

比特币4小时-15分钟级别分析 站稳趋势线但是形态偏空

At a small level of 15 minutes, a 2b pattern and a qm pattern appeared near the red trend line, both of which are reversal patterns, and my bargaining indicator also gave a signal, so I’m doing more here and entering the market around 61350 , And then may actively move the stop loss to prevent the price from jumping up and down, wait until the upper edge of the range is obtained, and then see if you need to close the position.

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