Market Watch on November 6



1) Today's market observation:

The market has not changed, still fluctuating in the range of 60000-62500 points, but it has shown signs of weakness on the upside. If it cannot break through 62500 points as soon as possible, the market outlook will not be conducive to the multi-army.

[In order to avoid unnecessary controversy, please first agree with the following explanation of terms when reading my article: This explanation is derived from my "T-1000" trading system and may be different from the cycle in his population] Short-term trend refers to A 15-minute trend may last for several hours or days, but it is usually not more than a week. The mid-term trend refers to the 4-hour trend, which usually lasts for several weeks or months. The long-term trend refers to the daily trend, which usually lasts for several months or years.

2) Today’s trading thinking:

You must have heard the phrase don’t put eggs in the same basket. It tells us that investments should be diversified and risks should not be concentrated in one place. Some students listened to it and executed it, but according to my observation, everyone still encounters the following two situations when choosing the target. 1. It seems scattered but not scattered. Some students bought all the altcoins, or they were all of the same type, or they had obvious similar characteristics (the same rise and fall). 2. The other extreme is too fragmented. This situation usually occurs in the altcoin market. Retail investors don’t have much funds, but they want to buy when they see an increase. They buy hundreds of thousands of coins, and they don’t know it. There are already a dozen or even dozens of currencies. The result of this is that if you bet on the right, you will not get rich, but once the altcoin market is over, assets will shrink significantly. If you want to ask me what is the most suitable target, I can only give you a modest way of saying-no more, no less. Take me as an example, my main position is generally not more than 4 targets. There are relatively more currencies in risk accounts, but generally there are no more than 5 currencies. The biggest loss I have ever eaten is that I have bought more than 30 coins at most (I can’t remember the specific numbers, anyway, this number is there). I am very happy when it rises, and I will not look at the market once the feasibility is over, because there is no Interest and no energy, who wants to watch his account shrink every day? At this time, it was already a steal. As a result, the total assets quickly shrank by more than 50%, and I was proud to have entered the bear market earlier than most retail investors. This experience is unforgettable for a lifetime.

3) Please be careful not to make transactions based on forecasts. Transactions need to consider specific signals, profit-loss ratio and position management. Using forecasts to guide transactions cannot achieve long-term stable profits.


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