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The daily line fluctuated all the way down during the day yesterday, as low as around 63580 in the evening. After the early morning of the night, the bulls finally ushered in the opportunity to rebound and rise. Later they rebounded all the way back to the middle track of the Bollinger Band for 1 hour. The overall trend is still high and volatile. The current currency price Run on the 65730 line.
Judging from the 4-hour chart, the Bollinger Band orbit is narrowing, the K-line runs near the upper rail, and the MACD fast and slow lines are cross-bonded and run near the 0 axis, and the kinetic energy of the long energy column is insufficient; the KDJ indicator three-line golden fork moves upward after gathering Divergence, the third line of the RSI indicator runs slightly upwards in parallel in the central region. On the whole, the strong pull has not been continued, and a wave of corrections may be introduced in the day. Intraday operations, the last step is mainly to do more. At present, the bulls have been on the Bollinger Band in 4 hours, and the market is fiercely volatile. For more short-term real-time trading strategies, please refer to the notification in the group! #Digital Currency#
Operational strategy: high-altitude is low-maintenance, high pressure is 67200, and 63550 is supported below.
Warm reminder: You need to be cautious when trading is risky!

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