11/19 BTC market trend

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Bitcoin continues to explore new lows. From the daily level, the BOLL track opens downwards, the track moves downwards as a whole, and the market moves below the lower track. The MACD fast and slow line is a dead cross and runs downwards above the 0 axis, and the short energy column continues to charge; the KDJ indicator runs downwards in three lines, and then analyzes from the four-hour level. Although the line closed at four o’clock yesterday afternoon, it closed the long lower shadow line. , The rise is not big, the disk fluctuates back and forth, there will be a certain rebound trend.
It is recommended to enter the market long at 56500-56600, the target is above 57100-57700, and the stop loss is at 56000.
Note: The market is changing rapidly and the market is changing rapidly. Suggestions are for reference only, don't be greedy!

11/19 BTC行情走势

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