Ether weekly decline is very healthy!

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The analysis of the COINUPRO team member "Forest Explorer" is as follows:

ETH Weekly <br>It is very healthy according to a fall, as if watching a support level. After Li fell to the top of the ascending channel, a sharp fall and held the pressure level before 4000 as a support level to accept a round of decline

以太週線下跌非常健康 !

There is space below the ETH daily line <br>, but it is healthy if you enter it in any position. The 3670 position below is the ma100 antenna, the front pressure position and the bottom position of the channel. However, between the 4000 drop and the 3670 drop, there was a drop of nearly 10%.
So the contract did not set the timing of entry, but it is generally optimistic.
You should have bought the spot long ago, hodl will have to.

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