Long Road Talking about Coins: 11.20 Saturday Ethereum Market Analysis and Operational Strategies

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Yesterday, the ether began to oscillate and rebound after falling to around 3958 for two consecutive times. Although it has stepped back, it has not fallen below the 4000 mark support.
Today is Saturday, let’s analyze the market briefly.
From the 1-hour line, the Bollinger Bands are opening upwards, the MACD green measuring column shrinks, the KDJ three-line bonding, and the RSI three-line running in parallel. The market has been rebounding since yesterday morning, breaking through the support of the middle rail, and is now running near the upper rail. , From the 4-hour line, the Bollinger Bands are running in parallel, the MACD green measuring column is heavy, KDJ has a slight sign of turning its head down, RSI is opening up, and the market breaks through the suppression of the middle rail in the morning. There is a trend of upward rail movement. Pay attention to the suppression near 4380 on the upper rail, and pay attention to the support near 4300 below.
On the daily line, the Bollinger Bands ran smoothly, the MACD red volume column shrank, and both KDJ and RSI turned up. Yesterday the market fell to near the lower rail and rebounded after gaining support. If the market can fall below the 4000 mark, you can enter the market with an empty single. If it does not fall, there is a possibility of a rebound. From the disk, the market fell to the lower rail to gain support and rebound. Today, the market shows signs of continuing to rebound. It is recommended to step back and go long in the white market. If you cannot break through the suppression near 4360-4380, you can enter the market with an empty single. In the process of change, if you are unable to grasp the market and often lose orders and set orders, you can find a long way, and the long way will lead you to make orders.
Suggestion: enter the market with empty orders near 4365-4390, stop loss at 4420, and take profit near 4300-4250. Real-time operation strategy, you can find a way to find a long way (weibo) or dimension: btcc556

Reminder: The strategy is for reference only. The market operation should bring the stop loss and profit, and the profit target should be a batch stop profit and a moving stop loss, so as to avoid excessive profit taking while preserving profits.
Trading in the currency circle is in full swing all the time. How can we seize the opportunity to get a piece of the pie is everyone’s common desire. Please believe that "there is only one long road missing between you and the freedom of wealth." Under the guidance of the road, you will surely realize your dream of wealth in the currency circle faster and more steadily.

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