Market Watch on November 30



Posting time: 7:53, Posting price: 57777 points.

1) Today's market observation:

The market stands firmly on the MA60 for 4 hours, and the market outlook has a greater probability of impacting the MA120 for 4 hours, but it may continue to oscillate above 55,000 for a period of time before again. In other words, even if it will go up to 60,000 points today, the probability of a direct breakthrough is not high. There is a possibility that it will return to above 55,000 points after touching 60,000 points. To sum up, the medium-term bearish trend is turning into volatility.

[In order to avoid unnecessary controversy, please first agree with the following explanation of terms when reading my article: This explanation is derived from my "T-1000" trading system, which may be different from the cycle in his population] Short-term trend refers to A 15-minute trend may last for several hours or days, but it is usually not more than a week. The mid-term trend refers to the 4-hour trend, which usually lasts for several weeks or months. The long-term trend refers to the daily trend, which usually lasts for several months or years.

2) Today’s trading thinking:

I ask you now, is the earth round? You must say it is round. After all, this is a question that all elementary school students can answer. But if I told you that there are still quite a few people in the world who think the earth is square, what would you think? You might say that someone has made a spacecraft and flew above the earth to see it. The earth is indeed round. People who say that the earth is square are too foolish. Then I'll ask you again, have you seen it in outer space as a spacecraft? If you haven't read it, why do you believe those people? In the vast universe, who can guarantee that everything currently known in science is correct? You see, some people think that the earth is round, and some people think that the earth is square. This is the difference in cognition, and different cognitions often look down on each other. The same is true for trading. Value investors tend to look down on technology, and it is difficult for technology to agree with value investors. If you believe that the earth is round, you will very much reject those who say that the earth is square, and if you are a firm value investor, you will reject the technicalists. Now the focus is on today, that is, what do you think the transaction looks like, and how you will decorate it. You think that trading is a value investment, and you will go for long-term holding. If you think that trading is to find the spread in the market, then you will stick to technical analysis. So which one is right, the value school or the technology school? I think both are right, but both are wrong. Perhaps the true nature of the transaction is still hidden in a corner waiting for us to dig, just like the earth is neither round nor square, but with another This kind of form is not yet recognized by people.

3) Please be careful not to make transactions based on forecasts. Transactions need to consider specific signals, profit-loss ratio and position management. Using forecasts to guide transactions cannot achieve long-term stable profits.


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