The long way said the currency: 11.30 Ether fell under pressure, and will continue to hit near 4500 to suppress



Yesterday, the ether began to rebound after stepping back on the support near 3960 in the early morning. After rising to a maximum of 4500 this morning, it fell under pressure. The current situation is oscillating near 4420.
Yesterday, the long road in the morning paid attention to the support near 4300 below the 4300 points. The backstepping is mainly based on the real-time strategy given by the long road in V. Friends who keep up can get nearly 200 points of profit. Congratulations to friends who followed the long road operation,
If your recent operation is not satisfactory, you can find a long way, and the long way will take you to make an order.

Ether market analysis: Looking at the 1-hour line, the Bollinger Bands are running narrowing, the MACD red measuring column is increasing, KDJ turning upwards, RSI opening downwards, the market fell below the support of the middle rail, and it is now running below the middle rail. From the 4-hour line, the Bollinger Bands are moving upwards, the MACD green volume column is shrinking, the KDJ is opening downwards, and the RSI runs in parallel. In the short term, there is a demand for the market to continue to step back on the support below. Below you can pay attention to near 4400 and 4350. support.

On the daily line, the Bollinger Bands are running shrinking, the MACD red measuring column is shrinking, and the fast and slow lines are showing signs of adhesion. KDJ is opening upwards, and RSI is opening upwards. From the disk, the market closed the Dayang line yesterday and stood on the middle rail support. The market will continue to rise. If the golden cross is formed smoothly, then we can pay attention to the suppression of the upper rail near 4750. In the evening, it is recommended to step back and do more. The top can focus on the suppression of 4500, and the breakthrough can continue to hold long orders. If you can't break through smoothly, you can take a wave of empty orders.
Operational recommendations: step back on 4415-4380 and enter the market with more orders, stop loss 4445, take profit, 4480-4510, break through and continue to look up.
Real-time operation strategy, you can find a way to find a long way (weibo) or dimension: btcc556

Reminder: The strategy is for reference only, the market operation should bring the stop loss and profit, and the profit target should be a batch stop profit and a moving stop loss, so as to avoid excessive profit taking while preserving profits.
Trading in the currency circle is in full swing all the time. How can we seize the opportunity to get a piece of the pie is everyone’s common desire. Please believe that "there is only one long road missing between you and the freedom of wealth." Under the guidance of the road, you will surely realize your dream of wealth in the currency circle faster and more steadily.

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