The pie has a new direction in the short term, and the trend is downward

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At 3 in the morning, the Federal Reserve FOMC announced the minutes of the monetary policy meeting. The minutes showed a hawkish signal that the probability of the Fed raising interest rates in March in the futures market is 80%. U.S. stocks fell across the board, while technology stocks plummeted. Dabing followed a new direction.


On the daily chart, all moving averages of the big pie have formed a short arrangement. All the deductible prices are above the current price, and all the moving averages turn down, putting increasing pressure on the current price.

Looking at short-term price projections, the 20 deduction price is above the current price. The deduction price in the next few days will move upwards, so the moving average will move downwards, and the direction of least resistance will also be downwards. Therefore, there is a high probability that further adjustments are needed. The possibility of a rebound is unlikely.


The 4h chart is currently short, and all the deductible prices are above the current price. It should be noted that the drop last night has already fallen below the lowest point of the 120 deduction price in the future. Therefore, the operating ranges of the three moving averages are above the current price, and all moving averages turn down.


For those holding short orders, the take-profit position can be considered around 39k to 40k. The first is a dense moving average position in the previous period, and the second is the low point of the last callback.


On the 1h chart, the price rebounded several times and could not stabilize the 120-double moving average, and at a densely-packed moving average position, it was unable to break through the previous two rebounds. In the short term, the pressure near 47k at this location has been very high.


At the same time, looking at the distribution chart of volume and price transactions, since the 1204 plunge, the price that has changed the most hands is also 47k.

The pressure at this position can be imagined.

According to coinglass data, Binance's perpetual holdings continued to a new high yesterday, but the plunge last night did not make the holdings drop significantly. The current trend has just started. You can continue to hold short orders in the previous period, and there are no short positions waiting for empty orders.

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