DASH/USDT 4H potential double bottom pattern

01-11 14:5183932

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DASH/USDT 4H 潜在双底型态

From the four-hour chart

Price has formed a potential double bottom pattern after the shock

Suppose the price can break out of the neckline and close higher

Stop loss low red line (139.9)
The first target range is 1.272~1.382 (170.7~176.0)
The second target range is at (181.6)
The third target range is at 1.618 (187.2)
Fourth target interval 2 (205.4)

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I'm so scared, although I still believe that the bull market is not over

01-11 15:01

AlphaBetty Doodles

AlphaBetty Doodles

Listen to what the boss says

01-11 14:57
No More

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