Liu Qianzhao: 1.11 Bitcoin 40,000 and then the whole market, it is too early to build a bottom

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Recently, the market has been constantly refreshing new lows, which makes people feel unsure. To be honest, such a trend is reasonable. It is a little unexpected that the bottom built in the previous period is not expected to be directly broken down. This is the variable that exists in the market and it is also inevitable after the market direction goes out. Now the market band is oscillating sideways at the bottom for the second time. It seems like a bottom is also adjusted, but there is a possibility before the direction is out. It is said that the trend is still weak. During the pie period, there was support for piercing the 40,000 mark. Although it rebounded quickly and failed to accelerate, it walked out of a relatively obvious daily upward structure. Ether continued to fluctuate downwards, and there were obvious signs on the hourly line. A trend of falling highs. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to the current operation layout.
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In fact, no matter where the market breaks through, the market will always give a signal. Let's follow the trend step by step and do it. Bitcoin is currently running at a low level and wide fluctuations, but the general trend is still weak. The first goal of rebounding depends on whether the market can make an effective breakthrough, that is, if the high pressure of the 42800 line above can effectively break through, we will consider more, but in terms of the direction of the general trend, the possibility of a breakthrough is not very high. A more reasonable layout should be to rebound to 42800 and start shorting. It is more reasonable to follow the trend! I personally prefer the operation idea of high position and then shorting. In terms of evening layout, I am also optimistic that the market will rebound to the 42500-43000 range and start shorting, with a stop loss of 400 points. The initial target is not too big. Just look at the first line of 42000-41500. If you can quickly break down, you can look at around 40800. .
Ethereum is also a high-level short-selling idea. In fact, we are optimistic about the rebound and short-selling. The trend of Ethereum has given us a clear direction guide. The general trend is still in a weak market, and the hourly line has emerged from a clear volatile downward trend. The trend is still In the weak market, it is unlikely that the ether will rise further if it does not rise above the pressure level of the 3200 line in the short term, and the market direction is still weak, not to mention the downward trend line pressure on the hourly line. The idea of Ethernet is also very obvious. The rebound in the 3160-3200 range starts to short. If you stop loss, you can put 40 points. The target is just 3000 integers.
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