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The broader market is still volatile, but there is not much to say, let's talk about market sentiment. At present, a considerable number of people think that there will be a big drop similar to 312 and 519 in the market. The time point is around the interest rate hike in mid-March. I have different views on this. I think that simply considering the factor of interest rate hike will not There are two reasons for such a big drop: First, the market is currently in the "bottom range", and the radical institutions have already bought the bottom 2-3 times, and they will not fall any further. The second is that raising interest rates is already a well-known "bad", so it is not bad, and this is the most important reason. Of course, this does not mean that the above-mentioned big drop will never happen, but the probability of such a big drop happening again under the circumstances that everyone is expecting such a big drop is extremely small. If there is a big drop, It also happens under circumstances that most people do not expect. For example, when sudden factors such as war cause another crisis in liquidity, it is possible to plummet. This is an extreme market situation and cannot be predicted. Finally, returning to the disk, the long-term and medium-term are all bear trends, so even if there is no big drop, it is extremely difficult to make a big rise, let's go.


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