April 12 Market Watch

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1) Today's market observation:

40,000 points fall, and the next support is 37,500-38,000 points. If it falls below this, it will fall below the cost area of 35,000 points for the big capital. At that time, you can observe whether the big capital will buy the bottom again. In terms of chips, the selling pressure this time mainly comes from the trapped chips above, and the reduction of long-term chips is negligible. Therefore, it can be considered that this wave of decline is mainly due to the concerns of short-term chips on interest rate hikes and shrinking balance sheets in the future. In terms of trend, if it cannot stand above 42,000 points today and tomorrow, the long-term bull trend will end. The bearish trend continues in the medium term. Days will continue to test the 37500-38000 support area.

2) Today's trading thinking:

Talk about some recent thoughts. The two most important things in trading are what to do after buying and what you expected to do and what to do when you buy when the trend is not what you expected. After buying, the trend is the same as expected, it is easy to handle, just hold it until the trend changes. So what if the trend after buying is inconsistent with expectations? It must be a stop loss and out, but many students have fallen into trouble here. They will not stop their losses, and some have to cover their positions. The reason is either luck or "lazy". In short, they have many ways to convince themselves not to go. Stop loss. Only after experiencing the real brutality of the market do they begin to doubt their previous decisions and stop losses reluctantly. What you need to remember is that it is difficult for the market to change the trend because of your persistence. The only consequence of your persistence is to lose more. Therefore, when we find ourselves wrong, we must admit our mistakes as soon as possible, although we cannot control the losses. Ending, but we can control how much we lose, which is the key difference between a mature trader and a mature trader.

3) Please pay attention, do not trade based on forecasts. Trading needs to consider specific signals, profit and loss ratios and position management. Using forecasts to guide trading cannot achieve long-term stable profits.

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