April 14 Market Watch

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1) Today's market observation:

The big capital started the first large-scale buying action in the process of this decline yesterday, which once again shows that the big capital only buys the bottom and does not pull up. Looking up, the recent pressure is in the 41500-42000 range. Only a breakthrough here can indicate that the short-term short-term trend may reverse. Note that there is only a possibility of a reversal, not a reversal. To sum up, the decline was obvious but the market did not reverse.

2) Today's trading thinking:

We know that human nature has a great influence on trading, so what are the weaknesses of human nature? 1. Human nature is greedy, fearful, likes to control, pursues perfection, lazy, impulsive and unrestrained. In a word, human nature is like a ghost hiding in the dark, which will jump out at any moment to show ugliness. 2. We can make these weaknesses less obvious and less affecting trading through some deliberate training, which is why those professional traders seem to be more "ruled", they live by the rules every day, just to fight Human weakness. 3. Bad habits are often comfortable, good habits are often uncomfortable, bad habits do not need to be cultivated, and good habits are not necessarily successful if deliberately cultivated, so trading is uncomfortable, or uncomfortable trading is the most likely Profitable trade.

3) Please pay attention, do not trade based on forecasts. Trading needs to consider specific signals, profit and loss ratios and position management. Using forecasts to guide trading cannot achieve long-term stable profits.

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Sewer Rat

Sewer Rat

Profits and losses are the same, and risks need to be controlled

04-14 09:50

Top Dog

Top Dog

Chase high cautiously

04-14 09:50
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