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In terms of data: From yesterday to the current data, the net outflow of BTC is 2,538. The small selling pressure caused by yesterday's panic has been digested, and the overall trend of outflow is still present, which is conducive to the stability of the disk. ETH also outflowed 45,245 pieces in a large amount, and the previously transferred ETH was completely digested. Since the popularity of DeFi in the past 20 years, the ETH reserves in CEX have also been decreasing. The net inflow of stablecoins was less than 19M yesterday, and the overall state of net inflow. After falling below $39,000 yesterday, the stock funds accumulated again and stabilized the price.


The bottom rebounded yesterday. The lows of 38500 of Dabing and 2880 of ether were consistent with the previous judgment, but the lows of the second exploration did not give a chance to do long. The midnight raid rose, and the daily line was bright.

The price hit the previous highs near 41300 and 3080 and fell back

Whether this pull-up continues or not, we still need to pay attention to the follow-up trend. At present, it is determined that yesterday's weakness has stopped falling.

Today, the white plate will test the support downward. The early highs are empty. During the day, pay attention to the lower support near 3020-3000, the big cake support near 40150-39900, and the watershed near 2960 and 39600.

Above resistance near 41600-42200, near ether 3130-3150

The rebound after the oversold has a high probability of shock. It is enough to keep the volatile market and sell high and buy low.

GMT swept away most of the shorts yesterday. Emotions are dominant. Speculators can play. The highs will continue to refresh. Excessive shorting is not recommended.

[The above personal views are for reference only]

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