April 26 Market Watch

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1) Today's market observation:

Whenever it falls below 40,000 points, it seems that it has become a consensus in the near future to have funds to buy the bottom. Of course, the constant is that these funds only buy the bottom and do not rise. In addition, the correlation with the Nasdaq is also one of the reasons for this rebound. For the current market, all we can do is to wait for the bottoming of 39000-40000 points to succeed. Why is it a bottom and not a fall relay? When we observe the 4-hour chart, we will find that since the low point of 32917 on January 24, each drop to a relative low point is accompanied by an increase in energy and energy, and the bottom is constantly rising during this process. Without falling below 33,000 points, we are more willing to believe that this is the main force in bargain hunting. Of course, it is also a fact that the expectation of raising interest rates and shrinking the balance sheet makes everyone less confident. It is manifested in the disk that many people will sell once it rises, which makes the disk appear a bit tangled. But if we put aside these performances and only look at the essence, that is, funds have been accumulating during this period of time, and it has been as long as 3 months. As long as the wave of shocks from January 24th to the present has not completely deteriorated, the market outlook will be Still possible.

2) Today's trading thinking:

There are many students who are always looking for a profitable trading system, and the fact is that even if I tell you my trading system, you may not be able to use it to make a profit. The reasons why you can't use it well are as follows: 1. If it is not your own trading system, it will be difficult to trust the system after several consecutive stop losses. 2. A system is not suitable for various market conditions. When the market conditions are not correct, the system will be doubted and it will be abandoned. So how can we control other people's trading system? 1. Be sure to carry out a large number of tests. During the test, each link must be considered and taken into account, and then reviewed repeatedly until digested. 2. Carry out a lot of light warehouse combat. Only real guns and live ammunition can make oneself complete the transformation. Of course, the trading system is only a tool for us to make profits. Whether it can be profitable or not is related to the trading system, but it is also related to the trading mentality and trading habits, such as whether the mentality will be affected in the face of large fluctuations, and whether the trading plan can be strictly implemented. Only when all aspects are excellent can a good result be obtained. This is the complexity of trading.

3) Please be sure to pay attention not to trade based on forecasts. Trading needs to consider specific signals, profit-loss ratios and position management. Using forecasts to guide trading cannot achieve long-term stable profits.

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