Long Road Talks Coins: How will the market change on the first day after the 5.5th Festival?

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Yesterday, Ethereum started to rebound after stepping back on the support near 2755. The white market was in a volatile upward trend. In the evening, it started to step back from around 2890, and the lowest fell to around 2825, and a new wave started to rise. This morning, the highest rise was 2966. Step back nearby, the current situation is running around 2945.
Yesterday, the market given by Changlu in the article has a tendency to continue to rebound. The strategy of stepping back and doing more is perfect for entering the market at midday. Friends who keep up can get 100+ profits, while those who have been holding the profits are 150+ nearby. Congratulations to the friends who have followed the long-distance operation.

Ethereum market analysis: From the 1-hour line, the Bollinger Bands opened upward, the MACD green column shrunk, the KDJ and RSI lines ran parallel upward, and the market fell to the middle rail in the morning and rebounded after gaining support. The 4-hour line From the point of view, the Bollinger Bands open upward, the MACD green column is heavy, the KDJ has a trend of turning its head slightly, the RSI three lines are parallel, and the market also fell to the middle rail in the morning to gain support and rebound, breaking through the upper rail and suppressing, the current situation is located near the upper rail Running, you can pay attention to the support near 2900-2925 below. On the daily line: Bollinger Band shrinks, MACD green column is heavy, KDJ and RSI both open up, yesterday's market closed a small Yang line, this morning, the market broke through the middle rail to suppress, if today If the market can stand at the support near the middle rail of 2920, then the market may break through to 3000 and 3100. Today, the long road suggests to step back and do more, and look at the breakthrough near 3000-3030 above. If it breaks through 3000, the short order will enter the market near 3030 and take a move. The real-time strategy is given in detail.
Operation strategy: step back and enter the market with more orders near 2925-2895, stop loss at 2865, and take profit at 2985-3025.

BTC market analysis: BTC also rebounded from near the lower rail of the 4-hour line yesterday, continuously breaking through the suppression of the middle rail and the upper rail. In the morning, it rose to around 40,000 and stepped back. From the 4-hour line, the Bollinger Band opened and the MACD was green. The column is heavy, KDJ and RSI have a trend of turning their heads slightly, the market rose to the upper rail and fell under pressure. The following is concerned about the support near 39000-39500. On the daily line, the Bollinger Band is running smoothly, and the MACD green column is heavy, KDJ and RSI are both Opening up, the market broke through the middle rail in the morning, but the upward momentum slowed down. It is now running near the middle rail. If the market can stand firmly on the middle rail today, the market will continue to rise, but from the perspective of the disk, the market has stepped back to support The trend of rebounding again, the long road suggests that you can still step back and do more today. The top is concerned about the suppression near 41000-41700.
Reminder: The strategy is for reference only, operate with stop loss and take profit, take profit target in batches and stop loss, avoid excessive profit taking while keeping profits.

The currency circle transaction is in full swing all the time. How to seize the opportunity to get a piece of the pie is the common wish of everyone. Please believe that "there is only a long way between you and the freedom of wealth", I believe that in the long run Under the guidance of the road, it will definitely make you realize the dream of wealth in the currency circle faster and more stably.

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