Liu Qianzhao: The interest rate hike will be exhausted, and Bitcoin and Ethereum will break the range and will rise

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The Fed’s interest rate hike landed, and the market finally made a preliminary breakthrough after the negatives were exhausted, and it was also a breakthrough pressure to go upwards. In the short term, the bottom shape became more and more obvious. Bitcoin’s highest surge tested the 40,000 integer mark yesterday. The effectiveness of the pressure level, although it failed to get out of the sharp rise in one fell swoop, but the daily line performed well, and once again closed the bullish daily level engulfing pattern, whether it can break through the 40,000 mark again is what needs to be focused on next. , while Ether is concerned about the breaking of the 3000 integer mark.
At present, Bitcoin’s four-hour line has been clearly biased towards bulls and stronger, and the small level has stabilized above the 60-day moving average, breaking the downward trend line of the previous high point moving downward, and there is a risk of further changes in the short term. , We emphasized a problem in the previous article. As long as Bitcoin can break through the first-line pressure level of 39,200, then there is a possibility of further rising to test the 40,000 mark. Now the market trend is in line with expectations. The time is a little longer, but the breakthrough that should be made will inevitably come out, because the repeated market of the previous daily line has signs of building a bottom, so what we constantly emphasize in our article is not to open short orders easily, because if the market changes It's empty on the floor. Now that the trend is showing signs of starting, then the idea should naturally continue to see more after the market has made a breakthrough. Bitcoin will look at the breakthrough of the 40,000 integer mark, and the following focuses on the effectiveness of the first-line support position of 39200 , here is the key position to break through the previous downward trend line, and it is also the position where the 60-day moving average will form support next. The logic of breaking pressure and turning support, as long as it does not fall below the first-line support of 39200, it will be further higher at this support position. The ideal position for participating in long orders is here. Considering that the strength of the market may not be strong enough, it may not touch here again, so just go long in the range of 39500-39200, and put the stop loss at 38800 The first line, the target is to look at the 40,000 integer mark first, and the broken position can be seen around 41,500.
The same idea of Ethereum, after yesterday's sharp rise, the market turned into a state of small-level bulls dominance. This week, the market continued to consolidate at a low level for so many days, and repetition is enough, which is in line with the characteristics of changing prices. At present, the four-hour line has broken through the suppression of the 60-day moving average. , suitable to go to the bottom of the layout to enter the market. Next, as long as the market can further rise and break the 3000 mark, it will further open up the upside. The following focuses on the first-line support position of 2880. If the fallback is not strong, it is also possible to start a relay rise tonight, so the ether The idea is to consider making a layout and entering more orders in the range of 2930-2900. If you stop loss, put it on the 2860 line. The target will first look at the breakthrough of the 3000 mark, and then look at 3100-3150 if it breaks.

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