Academician of the currency circle: On 5.6 overnight, the U.S. market dived, Bitcoin and Ethereum followed suit. Why is it wrong for long and short? The idea is clear to find the way, today's latest market analysis, must-see

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Overnight news:
The three major U.S. stock indexes closed sharply lower, the Nasdaq fell 4.99%, the S&P 500 fell 3.56%, and the Dow fell 3.12%. Internet retail concept stocks, large technology stocks, and popular Chinese concept stocks collectively tumbled. Apple closed down 5.57%, and its total market value evaporated by more than $160 billion from the previous day.
Tesla fell more than 8%, Nvidia, Amazon, and Netflix fell more than 7%, and Alibaba fell more than 6%.
How does the market understand the Fed after Powell?
The Fed did not consider raising interest rates by 75 basis points, sending a dovish signal to pessimistic markets. Standard Chartered Bank: Once the US recession, the Fed will not only cut interest rates, but also resume quantitative easing.
Nasdaq CEO: This year's IPO volume has dropped sharply due to the instability of the broader market, but the trend of digital transformation will lead the recovery of the IPO wave. Adena Friedman, CEO of Nasdaq (NDAQ.US), said that although the overall market is still falling, some Branch IPOs delayed event, but some still looking to go public
Looking at Bitcoin affected by the US market, the market plunged to 35,500, and it was only 1,000 points away from the support level of 34,500 below. The daily K line went up to the 40,000 mark and fell under pressure. The top of the box did not break through but fell below the box, and the bottom of the MACD deviates. Continuation, DIF and DEA spread downward, KDJ closed downward, the lower Bollinger Band fell, the K line is expected to fall back to around 36800 and oscillate, the 4-hour K line is currently at the support near the lower Bollinger Band, and the MACD shrinks down, 1 hour The K-line has begun to stand firm, and there will be a small-scale correction in the short term. You can see the current standing point. In the short term, it will enter a shock recovery period. This stage is suitable for the band. -37000-36700, look at 36300 when broken, 35000-35100 below is not broken, take long orders with wet storage, target 35400-35700-36000, see 36300 when broken, stop loss 200, stop loss with small fluctuations, take precautions first, thin water and long flow, The top break can take advantage of the trend to grab more millet
The trend of Ethereum is much more stable than that of the pie. Although it fell below the two important supports of 2820 and 2730, and the lowest was 3686, it was the first pie to stand firm at the bottom. After the daily K line fell below the moving average, the MACD bottomed. The divergence continued, KDJ closed down and the K line did not press down too strongly, the daily K line ran through the middle and lower tracks, the 4-hour K line had stepped back on the lower track of the standing Bollinger Band, the downward diffusion of KDJ was blocked, and the MACD shrunk down, 4 hours Close Yang, 1 hour after the K line is inserted into the needle, the morning star will start, and the long healing phase will begin. MACD will shrink and rise, KDJ will form a golden fork, and short and long will go up. The current 2700-2720 long layout can be held, the target Look at 2740-2760-2780, and look at 2810 for broken positions. In the sideways repair stage, it is recommended to be low and long, and bring a 30-point stop loss to prevent leeks from being cut. This article is exclusively contributed by the academician of the currency circle, and only represents the exclusive opinion of the academician. Have in-depth research on BTC, ETH, DOGE, DOT, FIL, EOS, etc. Due to the time of article push, the above opinions and suggestions are not real-time, for reference only, at your own risk, please indicate the source, and the order is reasonable Control your positions and do not overweight or fill your positions. The academician also hopes that all investors will understand that the market is always right. If you are wrong, you should summarize your own problems, and don’t let the profits that should be in your hands fly away. There is no need to be shrewd in investing than the market. When a trend comes, follow it and follow it; when there is no trend, watch it and stay calm. It's not too late to wait until the trend is finally clear. Tomorrow's success comes from today's choices. Heaven rewards diligent, authentic rewards, humanity rewards honesty, business rewards trust, industry rewards fine, and art rewards heart. Gains and losses are inadvertent. Develop the habit of strictly keeping stop loss and profit for each order. Academicians of the currency circle wish you a happy investment!

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