After the BTC crash, where will it go?

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1. Fundamentals: After the pie fell sharply last night, it fell below the previous strong support level of 37500! The Fibonacci Wedge 1.618 position of the rising pin 4! The fifth week of decline continues!

2. Support resistance level: Upward resistance level 39693

The downward support level is at 35050, and there is no effective support after the downward movement! The situation is not very optimistic!

3. Small level: After the sharp drop yesterday, there are many people who are shorting below. It is very likely that there will be a retracement to the position of the previous trend line, and then a new round of decline will start!

At present, ETH is relatively strong, and has not fallen below the downward channel. It is very likely that there will be a wave of retracement within the day, and a breakthrough will be made after gaining momentum!

At present, it has been long at 2740, eat a wave of retracement, stop loss at 2650

Take Profit 2920 The position of the middle line of the descending channel

Profit and loss ratio 2.0

Trading itself is a process of gaming with the dealer. After the interest rate hike yesterday, it went up. Many people thought that the bull was back, but apart from emotions, there was absolutely no conditions for long positions! Then it exploded, and someone went long at the strong support level of 37500, and another wave of longs exploded! After that, there were many people chasing after 37300, so today's market went up to burst this wave of empty orders!

If eth effectively falls below 2650, stop the loss in time, don't be with the market sentiment, you must recognize that he conforms to him and caters to him, in order to reap the rewards!

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