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I watched the disk and operated it last night, I got up a little late today

Paint the door every day

The bear market of the game of stock always goes the way that makes everyone uncomfortable

Yesterday, I wanted to go long and I couldn’t wait for a better opportunity. I tried a few times and the bottom position was stopped.

After the rising flag of BTC's 1H level was broken, it was found that the situation was not right (mainly because some cottages began to distribute obviously), intervened in short orders, and then added positions after breaking down at some key positions

In general, although I was short, I only got back 30% to 40% of the original.

This kind of market is disgusting but there is no way to do it. I don't know which players can make money by drawing a door. The ones who open up a little bit are basically stop losses and go out.

Judging from the results, the market has completed the breakout that has been talked about for a while, then wait for further development

The day, week, and month levels are broken, and the future is only empty.

From the monthly level, the possible support is around 1W.

You don't have to be short, don't buy bottoms

At present, the short-term BTC is trading sideways at a low level. From the perspective of the disk and the shape, all support does not exist. In the future, only the question of how to fall needs to be studied.

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