The result of the big battle has come out, what will happen in the market outlook?

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Ben id reminded to pay attention to several key points of the Fed's interest rate decision on May 4

Now do the overall sorting:


1. Interest rate hike path:

1. How many 50 basis point rate hikes will there be in the future?

The next two meetings may raise interest rates by 50 basis points each;

Is a 2.75bps rate hike possible?

A 75 basis point rate hike is not considered;

3. Where is the end of the rate hike?

First add to the neutral interest rate, and if it is confirmed that it is necessary to continue to raise interest rates, the Fed will not hesitate;

2. Are the Fed's meeting results and post-meeting speech a hawk or a dove compared to expectations?

The results of the meeting were in line with expectations, and the speech was made after the meeting;

3. About the abbreviated table:

1. Is there a plan to reduce the table for this meeting?


2. When will the scale of scale reduction and the specific implementation time of scale reduction?

On June 1, the balance sheet will be reduced by up to 47.5 billion US dollars, and the upper limit will reach 95 billion US dollars per month after 3 months;

in conclusion:

The results of the meeting were basically in line with market expectations

But meeting speaker Powell rejects 75bps rate hike

Bringing a breath of life to the weak market, the short-term market rebounded

In the medium and long term, the shrinking of the watch is a foregone conclusion.

Technical side:

At present, the fierce battle between the long and short

For Ethereum alone, gains around rate hikes have been largely wiped out by bears

Short-term bulls still have a chance to counterattack

However, the follow-up bears will suppress the price below 2.4k if they pursue the victory

Then the bears will declare victory

The market outlook is a slump + a slump, and trying to turn over at that time will be as difficult as Shu Dao!

At present, there is no large-scale bottom divergence signal in Ethereum.

and the decline is substantial;

It's still a long way from entering the game

If there are multiple flashbacks

At the same time, superimposing small and medium-level divergence signals is a good opportunity to make up votes for shorts.

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