The market breaks down and supports 37000. How to follow the market

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When there is spring, there will be waning autumn colors, and the scenery of the world is always gorgeous in the flow. As long as life is not over, there is no need to rush to regret, many things are just water, mountains and mountains. Don't give up the courage to go all the way, and let your heart be at ease. The story that was never finished will be fulfilled in singing while walking.
Hello everyone, I'm Greg. The article continued from the last article, and finally came down. The previous article said many times that it was firm to see through 37000, the market oscillated after several rebounds in the 37500 line, and the market still broke the strong support of 37000. After leaving the lure and the virtual break of 40,000, a big yin fell by more than 4,000 points. Now that the market has come here, Grid still uses Zhuang Siwei to predict it. It is for reference only. The next focus is on the 35880 line. If it is effectively broken, then there is a high probability of going near 31000 this time. This is from a technical point of view. Pre-judgment, what about Zhuang's thinking? Grid feels that breaking 37,000 is to let the market all enter the consistency of bearish and short-selling. The market will continue to fall below 35,000 or even $34,300 before breaking down after the market fluctuates in a narrow range at the end of the week. The entire market will continue to be bearish at 30,000 or even If it breaks 30000, the market will go to the range of 34000-33000. Personal thoughts are for reference only and do not constitute specific operations.

After the big drop, the indicator is biased towards the bears, so I don't need to analyze the technical indicators, simply give the short-term resistance and support, and friends who need it for reference, the resistance should focus on the 36800-37800 range, and the support should focus on the 34000-33000 range. The suggestion is for reference only, do a good job of risk control when entering the market, and grasp the profit space and stop loss space by yourself. The specific strategy is mainly available for consultation.
In the journey of life, there are many detours, small roads, dangerous roads, and dark roads. Only those who have a firm will and never stop can hope to reach the distance of victory. Without a clear mind, no matter how fast your steps are, you will go crooked; if you have careful steps, no matter how flat the road is, you will fall. To leave footprints in life, you must take one step at a time; to avoid detours in life, you must think twice.
大盘破位强支撑37000 后续行情如何走

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It's just a retaliatory rebound. If you can reduce your position, you can reduce it! Still copy the bottom? It's early!

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What coins can I buy?

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Wait for a face slap! Don't try to predict the market

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