Academician of the currency circle: 5.7 Bitcoin Ethereum opened low and walked low, seeing the highs and bottomless, bearish not chasing bears, today's latest market analysis and operation suggestion analysis, must-see

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U.S. stock market focus The current trend of U.S. stocks is exactly what the Federal Reserve wants. U.S. stocks fell sharply on Thursday, and the market has different opinions. In the view of former New York Fed President Bill Dudley, the slump is a feature of the Fed's fight against inflation, not a bug. The market is panicking. What bear market has just started? On May 5, local time, panic selling emerged in the U.S. stock market, with the three major stock indexes completely giving back their gains from the previous day. The Dow fell nearly 1,400 points during the session. U.S. stocks change overnight! What exactly happened to Wall Street?
If U.S. stocks experienced the strongest interest rate negotiation day in 44 years on Wednesday enough to go down in history, then yesterday's slump undoubtedly made this dazzling record a "laughing stock". On May 7, the three major U.S. stock indexes closed down collectively, the Nasdaq fell 1.4%, the S&P 500 fell 0.56%, and the Dow fell 0.29%.
Let’s look at Bitcoin’s continued downtrend, which is a very difficult repair stage, but the bottom is not over. Yesterday, I said that the support level of 34,500 below is not far away. Will the broader market directly stretch and hit 40,000 without bottoming out like a few days ago. As for the mark, there is such a trend, the daily line continues to close overcast tomorrow, and the general market trend can basically establish a sideways repair to 36000, go up and down, MACD shrinks and declines, KDJ spreads downward, the K line is off the lower track of the Bollinger Band, and the market will go up and down. Near the lower track of the return to Bollinger Bands today. The 4-hour K-line is currently at 36000, the MACD is shrinking and the KDJ is also closing, the K-line is coming to the weekend, the sideways rest has not fluctuated, Saturday is the main rest, the radicals do the band, the top is around 36600-36700, empty , target 36300-36000-35700, break at 35400, near 35200-35300 below, more, target 35600-35900-36200, break at 36500, stop loss 300 points, the market’s bearishness is obvious, it’s an old saying to be bearish without chasing bears, To prevent the support from breaking down below, the defensive point is more than 34500 single layout.
The Ethereum synchronization pie, the lower support point is near the 2500 integer mark, the range fluctuation is only 50 points, the lower defensive support point is 2460, and the daily K line can see that it has fallen below the 2700 support, entering a downward channel, currently located under the Bollinger Band The rail supports 2670, the 4-hour K line is currently at the closing position of the Bollinger Bands descending channel, KDJ and MACD are also closing, the overall trend follows the mainstream pie, the stable people rest on the weekend, the radicals are empty near 2740-2750, the target is 2720-2700 -2680, break at 2660, below 2640-2650, more, target 2670-2690-2710, break at 2730, stop loss 30 points, a strict operating system must be established, and those with stable support below can pay attention to the layout of more orders near 2500 , bearish bears do not chase shorts to prevent the main force from shuffling. This article is exclusively contributed by academicians of the currency circle, and only represents the exclusive views of academicians. In-depth research on BTC, ETH, DOGE, DOT, FIL, EOS, etc., due to the time of article push, the above opinions and suggestions are not real-time, for reference only, at your own risk, please indicate the source, and the order is reasonable Control your positions and do not overweight or fill your positions. The academician also hopes that all investors will understand that the market is always right. If you are wrong, you should summarize your own problems, and don’t let the profits that should be in your hands fly away. There is no need to be shrewd in investing than the market. When a trend comes, follow it and follow it; when there is no trend, watch it and stay calm. It's not too late to wait until the trend is finally clear. Tomorrow's success comes from today's choices. Heaven rewards diligent, authentic rewards, humanity rewards honesty, business rewards trust, industry rewards fine, and art rewards heart. Gains and losses are inadvertent. Develop the habit of strictly keeping stop loss and profit for each order. Academicians of the currency circle wish you a happy investment!

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