Long Road Talks: 5.8 Weekend Ethereum Market Analysis and Operational Strategies

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Ethereum was in a turbulent operation in the white market yesterday. Although it rebounded to around 2705 in the evening, the upward trend was weak. It began to fall in the early morning of this morning, and the lowest fell to around 2585 before rebounding. The current situation is running around 2620.
Yesterday, the white market given by Changlu in the article will be dominated by the volatile market, and the rebound will be short in the evening. Although the given point has not been reached, the short order given by the real-time strategy will enter the market. Friends who keep up can win a wave of profits.

Ethereum market analysis: From the 1-hour line, the Bollinger Bands opened downward, the MACD red column shrank, the KDJ and RSI three lines were glued and ran, and the market fell to the lower rail in the morning and rebounded, the 4-hour line, the Bollinger Bands opened to Running down, the MACD red volume column is heavy, KDJ turns its head downward, RSI opens downward, and the market fell and rebounded in the morning. In the short term, the market has a trend of rebounding and stepping back. The top can focus on the suppression near 2650, and the bottom can focus on 2600 Support near -2580. On the daily line, the Bollinger Bands opened downward, the MACD red column was heavy, and KDJ and RSI both opened downward. Yesterday, the market closed with a doji. Today, the market fell under pressure. It is now running near the lower track. From the disk, the market remains the same. There is a trend of continuing to step back on the support below. Below, you can pay attention to the support near 2500. Today, it is recommended to rebound on the long road.
Operation strategy: Rebound 2635-2665 near empty order entry, stop loss 2695, take profit 2585-2545, continue to look down.

Reminder: The strategy is for reference only, operate with stop loss and take profit, take profit target in batches and stop loss, avoid excessive profit taking while keeping profits.

The currency circle transaction is in full swing all the time. How to seize the opportunity to get a piece of the pie is the common wish of everyone. Please believe that "there is only a long way between you and the freedom of wealth", I believe that in the long run Under the guidance of the road, it will definitely make you realize the dream of wealth in the currency circle faster and more stably.

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