Academician of the currency circle: 5.9 Will Bitcoin and Ethereum enter a long consolidation cycle due to the impact of the global economy? Today's latest market analysis and multi-single solution strategy, must-see

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The market is changing all the time. The ups and downs of the market will make investors feel lucky and greedy. If the discipline of operation is not established, the book profit and loss can only fluctuate with the change of the market, and there is no timely profit. Settlement does not produce actual results. The initial profit may also turn into a loss, which will lead to a disordered operation mentality, affect the objective and ideal analytical thinking, and eventually retreat step by step. Therefore, it is very important to develop operational discipline in trading and strictly enforce it.
You can take a closer look at this year. The US stock market has experienced five turbulent months. Although according to my own definition, the S&P 500 index has not officially entered a bear market, the confidence of market investors has dropped significantly compared with last year, but many People think that the U.S. stock market is already in a bear market state. I carefully reviewed the 19 bear market performances of the U.S. stock market in history, and calculated that if the U.S. stock market continues to fall into the bear market range, this round of bear market will end in mid-October this year, when the S&P 500 index will It may fall to 3000 points, that is, it will continue to fall by about 27% from the closing price of 4123 points on Friday.
According to Coinmarket data, the current market value of Bitcoin is 41.6%, and Ethereum is 19.6%. For Bitcoin, the current market capitalization ratio is at its lowest level since 2018. In May 2021 and January 2022, the proportion of Bitcoin’s market value briefly dropped to around 40%. Interestingly, if you look at the market value of Ethereum, it is still at a high point in recent years.
Looking at the current market changes of Bitcoin, the weekly line ended at 8:00 in the morning, the market panic was strong, the support below 34500 was not held after all, the lowest was 33700, the daily K line dived and closed the hammer, the MACD shrinkage increased, KDJ Down, the K line has been in the lower track of the Bollinger Band and oscillates downward. The support below the end of 4 consecutive yin is concerned about 33000 in the short term, the 4-hour K line bottomed out and retraced to around 34500 and oscillated, the MACD bottom divergence continued, KDJ formed an upward golden fork, and the Bollinger band closed. The wave will pull back in a small range. The upper pressure is around 35500. If it is not broken, it can be empty. The target is 35200-34900-34600. If it breaks, see 34300. 34300, near the important threshold above 35500, the long position is broken, and the dawn of more quilts is beginning to appear. You can take the opportunity to adjust the position near 36500-36000
The 2450-2500 support of Ethereum has been held in the short term after all. The market will not always go unilaterally when it falls. Generally, there will be consolidation or correction. To prevent the main force from pulling back, it is not recommended to go short in the short term, and the bearish sentiment is too strong. The daily K line can see four consecutive yin, the downward alternating diffusion of the EMA moving average has long been over, and the MACD shrinkage is still increasing, only KDJ and Bollinger Bands are down. The Bollinger Bands closed in 4 hours, KDJ formed an upward golden fork, and the MACD bottom diverged and continued. In the short term, it will be more obvious to see the bottom, but there are more arrangements for wet storage. In terms of ideas, you can pay attention to the above 2570-2580 pressure level and not break the empty space, the target is 2550-2530-2520 , break at 2495, the support near 2450-2460 below is not broken, the target is 2485-2510-2540, break at 2570, the upper market breaks 2600-2630 after the high level can adjust the position Exclusive point of view. In-depth research on BTC, ETH, DOGE, DOT, FIL, EOS, etc., due to the time of article push, the above opinions and suggestions are not real-time, for reference only, at your own risk, please indicate the source, and the order is reasonable Control your positions and do not overweight or fill your positions. The academician also hopes that all investors will understand that the market is always right. If you are wrong, you should summarize your own problems, and don’t let the profits that should be in your hands fly away. There is no need to be shrewd in investing than the market. When a trend comes, follow it and follow it; when there is no trend, watch it and stay calm. It's not too late to wait until the trend is finally clear. Tomorrow's success comes from today's choices. Heaven rewards diligence, authentic rewards goodness, humanity rewards honesty, business rewards trust, industry rewards fine, and art rewards heart. Gains and losses are inadvertent. Develop the habit of strictly keeping stop loss and profit for each order. Academicians of the currency circle wish you a happy investment!

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